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200 Years of History

200 Years of History

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Part VI: Transportation by Water & Rail: A Three Part Article: II
By R. Richard Willis

In the September issue (Part I Transportation) the Morris Canal and Ogden Mine Railroad were covered.

By August 1882 the Central Railroad of New Jersey, had built a line from their High Bridge Terminal into Nolan’s Point. The Central Railroad then leased the Ogden Line; and then combined the two lines into one railroad system. In September 1882 passenger service had begun. Ore and ice could now be transported year round. The Central Railroad also brought passengers to Minisink, Espanong and Lake Hopatcong Stations. With rail service to the out side world, many hotels were built as well as an amusement park at Nolan’s Point.

There was also a gravity railroad in Jefferson Township, located in an area behind the Lake Forest Yacht Club. This railroad was used to transport ore to the Lake. It was formed by two sets of tracks leading down to the Lake, with a large pulley at the top and two ore cars connected with a long cable. One car would be empty and one car full. The full car being heavier than the empty one, it would travel down to the Lake, the empty one would go up to the top, thus being refilled with ore and repeating the cycle.

The New York, Susquehanna & Western was the other railroad that served the upper portion of Jefferson. Plans had been made for the New York, Susquehanna &Western to connect at the Ogden (Edison) Mine in Ogdensburg, but this never happened, but the NYS&W did connect to the Sterling Hill Mine and took away the Zinc Ore that was being transported on the Ogden Mine Railroad. The funny part of that railroad name is “Western” it never got west of the New Jersey yet the railroad did connect to other railroad lines to the west.

The Hurdtown Airport:
Jefferson had an airport, it was located on what is now Firemen’s and Lakeside Fields along Route 15 South in the Hurdtown section. This airport was a private one used by the Brady Brothers (Consumer Coal & Ice Company). Eventually air shows and private flying clubs used this airport.