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200 Years of History

200 Years of History

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Part IV: Lake Hopatcong Citizen’s Improvement Association
By R. Richard Willis

The Lake Hopatcong Citizen’s Improvement Association was organized in 1913 and there were 52 members. It was formed strictly for residents of the Nolan’s Point area in Jefferson Township. The goals, of the Citizens Improvement Association were to obtain good roads, street light, and sidewalks. To run from Mt. Arlington to Espanong Village and on to Nolan’s Point. Also landscaping around the Nolan’s Point School. The only goal that was ever accomplished was the streetlights, even if it was only kerosene and maintained by the homeowners.

In addition, a fire department was to be organized, and two tire rim alarms (the metal tires from a steam train’s wheel) were secured. One alarm was placed at Nolan’s Point, on the road in front of Mr. Courtright’s cottage (near the beginning of Lee’s Ave. and Nolan’s Point Road); and one was at the corners Stonehenge and Espanong Roads. The fire department was supposed to consist of a chemical engine and a fireboat. At the time of a fire, the chemical engine was attached to the rear of any auto. The fireboat was supposed to be one of the lake’s steamers that would have 500 feet of hose and a high-pressure pump, throwing two streams of water.

The Association’s annual dues were $1.00 a year, per family. Meetings were to be held the first and third Tuesday of each month, at the Kenvil Store in Espanong Village, at 8:00 P.M. (Jefferson Lumber Company)

The officers and board of directors for 1913 were as follows: Mr. George H. Hulmes, President; W. T. Archer, Vice President; John D. Lauerman, Secretary; Frank R. Crater, Treasurer. The directors were: Mr. George H. Hulmes, W. T. Archer, J. D. Lauerman, J. J. Robinson, and Fred H. Buck.